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Zarzavatsakis Kavala cheese products - Products
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Our products

White 100% goat milk cheese

In our cheese-creamery, for decades we specialize in the production of cheese exclusively made of goat milk.





Fresh mozzarella

A greek production of the famous italian cheese, made exclusively of local cow milk. Saltless, with only 18% fat, mozzarella is mandatory in any authentic italian pizza recipe and a perfect companion for fresh salads and sandwiches.
It is characterized by a soft, creamy texture and a smooth milky taste.




Fresh smoked mozzarella

This is the smoked version of the famous italian mozzarella cheese. It can be consumed on its own, or as a companion of salads or pasta. Ideally consumed with a fine wine.
It is characterized by its gold skin and a slightly spicy taste.




Korifes goat cheese

Made of 100% goat milk, this cheese bears a two-month maturing process with dry salting. It is consumed as it is or can be fried, baked or grated on top of your favourite pasta.
It is characterized by a hard texture, rich scent and strong taste.




Korifes cream cheese
Whey low-fat saltless cheese.





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